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5 Mistakes while booking Airline tickets over Phone call

1.Booking airline tickets too late
This proverb fit here-The early bird really does catch the worm! You can also compare and it is real that airfare is high before. As United flight booking starts seat availability goes down then fares will automatically be high. In this case, you have no more options to book at low fare if discounts not available on your planned travel date. So it will be a very clever idea to plan your trip first and try to book immediately by comparing fare from all available options.
2. Not being flexible with dates and destinations
While confirming your flight try to search or ask over the phone to compare fare with some other nearby places and make a note. You can collect some fare with different dates if possible. This fare chart helps to select the cheapest options with specific airlines and dates.
3.An impulsive buyer
It's a very big mistake to immediately confirm for United flight tickets without looking for all your options first. Hold off the "buy or …